Frustration in Florida

How to handle expectations

Life has strange ways to teach us lessons. We will not always like them, but it is way easier to learn now than to hide your head in the sand. Otherwise the lesson, the situation will come back and come back and come back until you grow with it. Let me tell you I know, I´ve been there so many times.

My time here was all about expectations and how to handle them. It is just like that: If you have expectations, you can be disappointed. If you have plans, life can still turn out another way. So, does that mean we should not have expectations at all? I don´t think so. In my opinion, it is important to have plans. I also really enjoy to look forward to some things and be excited about them. I believe that the question is not whether we should have them, but how to handle them and how to react if it is not working out.


I had a really bad day on Sunday. I got up quite early full of excitement. New friends would take me to the beach in St. Augustin. I had not left Gainesville in two weeks so I was really looking forward to this trip. At 9 am we wanted to leave and I was waiting with my bags packed. One hour later finally one of them got back to me, telling me that she just woke up and it took until 2 in the afternoon that the driver told us she couldn’t come. It reminded me of why I actually like to travel by myself. It seems a foolish idea to rely on others so often. Well, so no beach on Sunday. I spent hours researching that day, searching for any way to at least see the ocean before I leave the states again. I couln´t find one. There is basically no public transport around and I did not want to miss one more day in New Orleans. I felt disappointed. I love the ocean and to be that close with no way to go see it is frustrating. So I really felt sorry for myself because of that for a little while until I realized that this is bullshit. So many people in this world would be actually grateful for having my „problems“. I actually even felt a little ashamed when I realized that I was acting like a spoilt princess. And this is when I realized how to handle such feelings. Don´t take them too seriously. I laughed out loud when i realized how childish I was acting and decided to be happy with what I have instead of complaining about what I don’t have.


The day after I went on a long bike ride to Newnans Lake. So that I would at least have seen some water, even if not the sea. Another beautiful and quiet piece of nature with which I fell in love immediately. I just sat there for hours listening to the sound of the water, watching birds and got lost in my thoughts. True beauty is not in the big things but in the little things as I realized one more time and I felt really thankful that our trip to the beach did not work out. Otherwise I probably would have never had discovered this lake. In the end we should never forget, that sometimes not getting what we want can be a wonderful stroke of luck.

My weeks in Gainesville are over now. I am on the bus to New Orleans. Another ten hours‘ bus ride. But I actually like it. I have time to write, listen to music or just look out of the window and enjoy the view of the countryside that became so familiar during my time here. I have to say that I just love the US and am already looking forward to coming back to see more of this pretty country in the future.

8 Gedanken zu “Frustration in Florida

  1. Very interesting and wise thought. Indeed we have to accommodate when we travel with others. And the best we can do at times is to control our feelings so that they don’t overcome our mood and spoil our trip 🙂


  2. Your feelings were still valid and it sucks when plans do not fall into place, because the opportunities rarely come again. What is important is that you spent your day doing something awesome and probably more fulfilling. I do enjoy traveling solo 99% of the time because of the freedom of not having people rely on you or vice versa.

    Newnans lake looks like somewhere I could spend my day relaxing by with a good book and some grub. Happy travels!


  3. While it is rather frustrating to have plans not happen at all, I guess it’s also good to remind ourselves that it’s not the end of the world. I know I always hate it myself when things go the other way as I’m a type A personality and always plan every single thing. And that too is my reason why I like traveling alone. :p Enjoy New Orleans.


  4. That is exactly why I started traveling solo, I was tired of being disappointed in others. If you have a smartphone, Uber or Lyft may have been an option, or taxi. In the US, a rental car is a worth while expense, so that you can go do what you please.


  5. This is so great! I always seem to hype things up and make plans that fall through. I’ve learned only during the past year to stop planning and just let life take you where it takes you.


  6. At least at the end of the day, you’d able to console yourself and find relaxation with nature. It’s really sad and upsetting when you are already excited and things won’t go as what you planned and expected. Hope you won’t give up on friends like them…


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